“We are in an age of unprecedented change, it’s a ‘revolutionary’ time to be alive! The question we need to be asking ourselves is – ‘Am I leading that change?’ I believe we all have a choice to step up into personal, professional and social leadership. We have a choice to become agents for change, amplifiers, thought leaders to upgrade our thinking and lead
our very own revolutions.”

Thought Leadership

Matt Church is the founder of Thought Leaders Global, and is without a doubt Australia’s and possibly the worlds foremost authority on the topic of Thought Leadership, becoming a Change Agent and leading your own Revolution.

Who he helps

Thought Leaders

Thought Leaders

Are you leveraging what you know?

Public Speakers

Public Speakers

Are you inspiring people to greatness?

What he does



Smart, funny inspiring presentations.



Brilliant Educational Programs for experts.



Insightful strategies that shift leaders.


The mind once stretched by a new idea, never regains it’s original dimensions.

-- Oliver Wendell Holmes --

World of Matt


  • It is truly inspiring to meet someone who is not only able to keep up with all the chaos and changes going on in the world, but who actually has the capacity to stay ahead of the game and the willingness to explain and teach the rest of us. Matt Church is without question one of the best teachers for Leaders, Managers,Thinkers,Go getters you are ever likely to meet. I recommend him and his work to all, without reservation. If you ever wanted to make a difference in the world and just need that extra bit of clarity confidence or courage Matt is the mentor you have been waiting for.

    Michael Henderson
  • To say Matt is a genius at what he does is an understatement. I have learned more in one half day workshops with Matt than years of reading books and doing university degrees. Highly recommended!

    Padraig O'Sullivan
  • Recently we hired Matt for a opening keynote talk for a international conference to 300 plumbiing and electrical contracting businesses in Hawaii. Matt was outstanding, a passionate, funny, engaging and insightful talk about relationships, diet and how our mind works .All of the business owners commented on his down to earth earthy style and his ablility to create instant rapport. Bravo Matt you rock !

    Tony Gattari
  • Sometime in life you meet someone who changes your world view. For me, Matt Church is one of those people. He is an absolutely unique individual who is one of the smartest people I know. The work he does in the ThoughLeaders Community is truly world-class and his impact will be felt for generations to come.

    Dr David Keane
  • I have been mentored by Matt Church in different capacities over the past couple of years – from a group perspective and for 2012 on a personal basis. He has two distinct strengths that have contributed to my growth and therefore that of my clients. He has an ability as a thought leader to distill information and teach others to do the same, creating their own IP through his MDE Programs helping his clients become even more commercially smart. Also as a world class presenter he takes great speakers and brings them to a world class standard, to which his annual Showcase Event is testament. As an advocate, I recommend anybody with either of these intentions to jump on board Thought Leaders Global.

    Bernadette McClelland
  • To say Matt Church is a Thought Leader really doesn’t do him justice. Matt is more a perspicacious sagacious seer. His ability to look beyond and see within is uncanny and he uses this talent with benevolence to help foster the greatness in others. It’s a remarkable gift and one I can only hope you might get to experience.

    Mark Falzon
  • I recently attended Matt’s brand new workshop ‘Drive Your Business Through Public Speaking’ and was blown away. Matt’s energy, knowledge, experience, wit, insight and ability to facilitate learning is the reason I now approach marketing my business with a different lens. I was thoroughly engaged all day and highly respectful of his brilliant mind and well earn success. Do yourself a favour and do one of his workshops!

    Fiona Pascoe
  • Matt is undoubtedly one of the most influential people who has made an impact on my life. Matt is nothing short of saying “Just Awesome”. He helped me in the transitioning from MYER (High Profile Corporate Career, Intrapreneur) to being an Infopreneur. I am blessed to have someone like Matt, who has great insight, foresight, wisdom and an exceptional mentor. One of the best decisions I have made in my life and career to be associated with someone called Matt.

    Prakash Menon
  • Matt Church has laser like precision; he hones in on an individual’s or team’s potential and facilitates them to crisply and succinctly position it. His courses and programs are world class. The Thought Leaders community is a testament to Matt’s vision – I encourage you to become part of it.

    Fiona Pearman
  • Working with Matt has transformed my business. I don’t write this lightly. Through Matt’s advice a total transformation has occurred. Strongly recommend Matt to anyone who wants to develop their Thought Leadership and particularly their speaking business.

    Steve Major
  • Matt Church is one of those people you never forget. His ability to see the genius in people is unparalleled, however what makes him truly unique is the way he can extract that brilliance and help you to package and bring your unique message to market. The effect Matt has had on my professional career has been profound. I believe this is because Matt walks his talk, is an individual of great integrity and through his opus as a speaker, mentor and author provides exceptional value. All this adds up to make Matt Church one of the most influential Thought Leaders in his field.His legacy through the Thought Leader community will send ripples around the world, I believe, and long into the future.

    Lis Faenza
  • Matt has an incredible talent that is hard to put into words… If you are someone who wants to be successful in your career and financially, then Matt is an unbelievable ‘force to be reckoned with’ to have on your ‘career team’. His ability to see what you can’t see, powerfully coach and mentor to enable success, is second-to-none. He is innovative, personable, and a master in his field. I am personally grateful for the services he provides and for his creation of Thought Leaders – an organisation that all of a sudden helps me make sense of what I was born to do. Thanks, Matt – great work!

    Jasmine Platt
  • Matt is one of the most insightful people I know. He has the ability (and confidence) to cut right to the heart of a matter and to help you confront and deal with the real issues.

    Douglas Long
  • Matt Church is a man that walks to the beat of his own drum…. and thank God he does. When it comes to innovation, taking action and saying what needs to be said, you can rely on Matt’s fresh and inspiring view of the world to get you thinking bigger. His commitment is for you to be your best and to operate way above mediocrity. If you are serious about being a valuable contribution to humanity, Matt Church and his Though Leaders Network will make a big difference on how fast you can make your visions and dreams a reality.

    Jen Harwood
  • It is almost impossible for me to put Matt in a category and choose only three of his top attributes. It is hard to write something that gives Matt credit for what he does. I completed one of Matt’s courses but did not become a speaker. Much later, I completed the world class presenters course which is the best value for money course in Australia and possibbly the world and did become a much improved speaker. But this isn’t the true value of what Matt does. He surrounds himself and participants of his courses with quite simply, the best thinkers and innovators available. You don’t have to agree with what he says but if you are entrepreneurial, ideas will gush from your brain just by being in the same space. What you do with them after, is of course, up to you.

    Ross McKay
  • In february 2008 I attended the “”Million dollar expert”” event hosted by Matt. I was stuggling with motivation, passion and vision for my business. Matt said one thing “”you don’t have a business you have a practice”” . He then carefully and skillfully articulated how to live your life through your practice. In the last 8 months, I have worked less, travelled more and earned heaps more Matt is a master , his wisdom ,insight and discernment is world class
    I owe him much and cannot recommend his services highly enough He is not cheap but he should not be, as he is one the best in the industry . Quality costs .

  • Matt is an inspiring and motivating coach who encourages you to be the best that you can possibly be. He is a great listener, a great communicator and challenges you at every turn. He keeps you focussed on what is important in life and the steps required to achieve your professional (or personal) goals.

    Trena Blair
  • Matt is a master of asking the right questions at different levels to bring out your inner wisdom. He is tenacious and uncompromising in his belief in human potential and in finding multiple commercial means in which his clients can express theirs.

    Jon Pratlett
  • Matt has an extraordinary ability to unlock your inate message and an expert at then showing you how to maximise ways of commercialising that message for the widest of audiences.

    Dr Adam Fraser
  • Matt’s take on performance looks deeper than most – his views on adrenaline addiction and performance optimisation made for some fascinating conversations as to the nature of modern life, but his strength and value comes from not just his keen insight, but having developed practical strategies to address the reality of it.

    Crystal N Woods
  • Matt is an expert at helping you to extract what you know and package it in many different ways to attract a wider audience. He is the definitive ‘spin doctor’ who has a way of making you and your IP sound extraordinary.If you are really serious about getting your message out there, Matt’s your man.

    David Walker
  • If you have any desire to take your idea, thought leadership to market then you have to have a conversation with Matt. He is the Thought Leaders Thought Leader, his ability to capture the essence of your idea and how best for you to create a sustainable model to commercialise it is awesome.

    Hugh Gyton
  • I have known Matt for 10 years and have seen him speak on many occasions. He is not only in the top echelon of speakers but also thinkers
    Best wishes

  • I have watch Matt over the last 10 years become one on Australia’s leading Thought Leaders. His energy, passion and brilliance is contagious and inspires individuals and collective groups of people to go beyond what they though possible. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking to increase their potential in their business–and their life.

    Scott Stein
  • I had a great deal of contact with Matt during my term as President of NSAA (NSW). I observed that Matt is a man that is liked by all and well respected for his knowledge and expertise. This is backed by communications skills that are first class. He can entertain hundreds in a room as a speaker or engage individuals as a coach – always delivering a potent message. I have nothing but praise for him – he’s a pro
    Doug Callander

  • Matt is truly the expert’s expert and working with him has elevated me and my business to a whole new level! His way of seeing the world inspires enthusiasm, creatvity and above all, passionate action to be the best you can be. I love his depth of wisdom, his open and honest heart and his superb communication skills. He is a man that truly cares for his clients and provides value in every interaction.

    Lorna Patten
  • Matt Church is an exceptional entrepreneur and business leader. His group – Thought Leaders – is revolutionising the way people develop and communicate their ideas. His events continue to be the highlights of my year and provide the most mind-blowing opportunity to meet other leaders and innovators. Matt’s personal mentoring and immersion programmes have helped me to focus my ideas and lift my thinking to another level. The result is greater abundance in ideas, results and income.

    Lis Faenza
  • Matt helps people leverage their unique knowledge to create outstanding value for clients and customers. The Thought Leaders immersion program has given me the skill and knowledge to fast-track my business, creating valuable products for clients and therefore new revenue streams for me. But that is only half the story. The amazing experience of learning with Matt alongside the highly intelligent people Thought Leaders attracts, is really exciting, inspiring and highly motivating. I would recommend Matt and Thought Leaders to anyone who sells their thoughts or expertise for money.

    Zoe Palmer
  • Matt sees greatness in people and helps them achieve excellence in their chosen field. He continues to believe and pushes and supports clients until they see and experience what he has seen all along. I always had a book written inside of me Matt showed me how to actually get it out in the world where it can make a difference.

    Rosslyn Tasker
  • Matt is extremely clever and generous. The programs he runs not only provide great value but connect highly motivated, intelligent people who are leaders in their field. On a personal note Matt is a man of good character, great to talk to and a devoted family man.

    Sherry Strong
  • Matt presents an outstanding array of skills and knowledge which harness his client or audiences own potential to achieve. An amazing thinker and real human being!

    Bradley Woods
  • You know someone is good when what you have learned from them can keep being applied in multiple contexts year after year. Thats value, and thats expertise. My experience with Matt Church and his Thoughtleaders programme has been both inspiring and challenging. If you know something good that is worth sharing, get Matt to show you how, profitably.

    Erica Bagshaw
  • Matt is the man! If you have a body of expertise and want to profit from it, Thought Leaders is the place for you. Thought Leaders is by far the most valuable professional development I have ever engaged in.

    Peter Sheahan
  • Matt’s work through Thought Leaders has transformed my business and created new streams of income. I am doing things I didn’t previously dream of. Best of all I get to hang out with some of the best minds you will ever come across.

    Steven Di Pietro
  • Matt is unique in the combination of skills that he brings to his work. As an expert in the commercialisation of intellectual property, he is passionate about helping people turn ideas into money. His processes stretch your way of thinking as well as your way of approaching your business.

    Helen Mac
  • Matt has ben an inspiration to me. As a mentor, coach and friend, he has transormed me from a passionate person with ideas, to a credible Thought Leader, facilitator and entrepreneur. His greatest contribution has been to help me place a commercial value on my contribution. I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to Matt who has aspirations as a Thought Leader, or even someone who is looking for new career directions, clarity or the impetus to become great in their own right!

    David Thomas
  • Matt Church is the master of helping you developing your Message and presenting it to the Market. There is no one else like Matt with his absolute clarity when helping you with anything you need in that space. Matt is my most trusted coach and mentor – helping me move myself and my business from nearly completely broke to several new $100,000+ income streams. If you’ll looking to profit from what you know – there isn’t anyone else that can help you more. He will give you clear advice worth much more than million dollars… You’d be crazy not to work with Matt Church!

    Craig Rispin
  • Matt is the ultimate Guru of helping potential Thought Leaders develop their unique Message for the Market. With Matt’s wisdom, creativity and guidance I was able to embark on a journey that otherwise I know I wouldn’t have ventured. Every day that I step onto stage to deliver a keynote, workshop or when I deliver training, I am thankful I received mentoring from the best – because then I can truly be the best that I can be. Thanks Matt.

    Peter Baines
  • Matt has an amazing ability to assist people discover their unique talents. His ability to see peoples strengths and weaknesss and then help them grow and develop is an amazing attribute. Matt is a creative thinker and inspiring speaker. As a mentor he has helped me develop my ideas and create a business model to support those ideas.

    Rowdy McLean MBA, FAIM, CSP
  • Matt has an amazing ability to see your talents and come up with ways to promote them – in an instant!

    Candy Tymson
  • Thought Leaders has been a great inspiration to me. The clarity gained from Matt has transformed my business and dramatically improved my profitability. More importantly, I spend virtually no time on boring stuff and a lot more coaching, advising, speaking and travelling.

    Toby Marshall
  • Matt’s ability to quickly identify your area of expertise, capture your message, create & deliver a commerical implementation plan and ensure you have fun while you do it – will blow your mind! His expertise includes identifying true leaders, helping them realise their full potential, challenging their thinking and creating a community of execeptional thinkers. He is great to work with, inspirational to watch and the best at what he does. Matt will add value to you both personally and professionally – he is truly one of the world’s best Thought Leaders.

    Neen James
  • “The Thought Leaders program has been and continues to be a challenging, exciting and highly fruitful process to being truly confident with my unique ideas and unique self. Matt leads the process with incredible focus, energy and commitment to ensure you are focussed, energetic and committed to your own success”

    Adrian Heath
  • Matt is a true master in stretching you to think about your ideas in unparalled new ways. He has a special gift for helping people give wings to thier ideas. If you are looking to taking your ideas to the next level, Matt might just hold the key.
    Jasbindar Singh
    Business Psychologist, Executive Coach and Author
    SQ Executive Management Consultancy Ltd

  • I first saw Matt present a keynote and dinner talk at a conference about 8 years ago, and from that time I have been hooked. I have since then seen Matt present on numerous occasions and he is always “on fire”. He has an amazing ability to shape presentations to every situation. He also has an incredible talent to help others identity their individual skills, expertise and intellectual property and guides them to build and develop new careers, or extend their existing practice. He is generous with his time and thoughts and truly wants to see others shine. If you have any dreams of speaking, writing, training or coaching (and anything in between), he is THE person to talk to. Highly recommended for his integrity and work ethics.

    Sharonne Phillips
  • I have heard a lot of great things about him and saw him speak at a conference where he gave me some good ideas. Matt is a modern day guru. He gives good value even though his hourly rate is three times my own and he is much younger. But does he do wills?

    Paul Brennan
  • Matt has fast tracked me to achieve better results in a shorter space of time. I’ve moved from amateur speaker to real estate expert on television and property mentor to those in the property industry. Matt is an expert in his field and has the experience of years on stage and working with some of Australia’s best known corporates.

    Chris Gray
  • Matt is a world leader in leveraging an expert’s unique knowledge into a million-dollar business. In my role working with experts from around the world, I see the best of the best. In choosing the people I build relationships with on a personal and professional level, I scan widely and choose wisely. It’s a privilege to work with somebody of Matt’s expertise, insight, wisdom and integrity.

    Gihan Perera
  • I have had the pleasure seeing Matt do a keynote speech some years ago and very recently. He has a unique style that is engaging and memorable. Further to this he has a depth of knoweldge for the topic and the delivery methodology that gives his speech massive credibility. I have also had the pleasure to work with Matt in the last month with his Thoughtleaders programme. The value I have recieved from this has been brilliant. In the last month alone I have doubled my revenue – I am thinking more commercially and I have been able to get 20 people to a breakfast seminar with only one invitation. I look forward to doing the immersion programme he runs later this year.

    Craig Bulmer
  • If you are serious about using your expertise to build a profitable business, then Matt Church is the pinnacle person to speak to. Matt’s Thought Leader program quickly cuts through your mental clutter, clarifies your message, packages your ideas, and helps you get out into the right market. Matt has helped me to crystallise my expertise and develop programs, presentations and products which have nearly doubled my turnover in the last 24 months. Matt pushes you to think, challenges you to stretch, and supports you to grow. Every time I work with Matt, I leave with good problems, a new ‘to do’ list, and bigger goals.

    Michael Licenblat
  • Thought Leaders’ is the essential step that any serious would be speaker, author, trainer, coach or mentor must take. If you have ever wanted to turn your intellectual ideas into an insanely profitable business then ‘Thought Leaders’ is for you. With so many graduates (myself included) making a big impact around the country in speaking, training, writing etc….. your future as a ‘thought leader’ is assured.

    Nils Vesk
  • Matt Church is a master at the art and science of mentoring and leadership. Experiencing, knowing and working with Matt has boosted my business and put it in a better direction. More importantly, my self belief in success is rock solid. I can’t thank him enough for his guidance, support and faith in me.

    Mark Wayland
  • Matt Church is an inspirational mentor, leader and advocate for innovation and excellence. His exceptional Thought Leader programme has been a major catalyst in the development of new products and increased income for our business. In addition, the ability to mix with leaders in other industries has prompted great innovation, helping our business to become a leader in our own industry.

    Lis Faenza
  • Matt Church is an amazing speaker and true thought leader. Hundreds of people turn to him for advice and clarity of ideas. If you have a message you need to market, Matt is the only person you need to know. He has literally helped me double my business.

    Craig Rispin
  • I believe in learning from experts as I want to take the quickest and shortest path to success. Matt has been in the speaking business for a long time and so he is qualified to teach me what to do and what to avoid. He gives me new ideas to improve and increase my business. Why reinvent the wheel and spend 10 years doing it when Matt can show you in a fraction of the time.

    Chris Gray
  • Matt Church has been mentoring me through his Thought Leaders program for the past 6 months. In that time my business has grown dramatically. His guidance and advice has been invaluable and taken my message and career in a new direction. He has help me identify what my expertise is and how I can take that message to the world. I cannot endorse the work Matt does highly enough!

    Dr Adam Fraser
  • Matt has created probably the most dynamic forum for entrepreneurial individuals that this country has seen! His energy, outlook, non-traditional, innovative, strategic yet passionate approach will do nothing less than set your soul on fire! It’s a fast paced, exciting space and one that I’m proud to be a part of!

    Lisa Messenger
  • The Thought Leaders program has had a significant impact for me. It has helped me to identify my expertise clearly and to then package it in a way that suits my market. Matt has helped me to find hidden value in what I already know. It has made such a big difference that I’ve moved across the country to pursue the new business opportunites that now present themselves!

    Gihan Perera
  • I recommend the Thought Leaders program and Matt Church to anyone looking for clarity, direction and purpose in their business lives. I came to Matt with a vision. He helped me shape, organise and execute my ideas beyond anything I thought was possible. He has also, and continues to, give me the confidence and belief to value myself fully, and raise the bar higher than I ever imagined possible.

    David Thomas
  • Thought Leaders turned my unique talents and ideas into an amazing business practice that keeps continuing to grow from strength to strength.
    If you have a message that’s burning to come out and you want to make lots of money from it, then join Thought Leaders

  • The Thought Leaders program is both encouraging and challenging – a powerful combination that enables you to capture and articulate your unique ideas. Not only will you develop your own intellectual property, you will also get the chance to network with a dynamic group of people who are the ‘thought leaders’ of their field. Joining Thought Leaders is one of the best decisions I have made.

    Domonique Bertolucci
  • I recently attended the Workshop Building Program with Matt Church. I have walked away with not only a clear and practical process for building my workshops, but more importantly, a highly elevated understanding of my content and how to organise it to best engage my audience. The two days I spent with Matt have revolutionised my thinking. Thank you

    Dermot Crowley
  • WOW!!! Spent yet another day with the fabulous, forward thinking M@ in his new program “Raise your Profile”. Talk about someone who walks the talk. Not only is this program innovative and thought provoking, it gives some really easy, practical steps for anyone who wants to Raise their profile (esp with all the changes in social media). Loved it. Have lots of work to do, but now I have a strategy of what I will be spending my valuable time on. For anyone who wants to know what they need to do to raise their professional profile, you gotta go spend a day with Matt. Thanks so much AGAIN M@!

    Blythe Rowe
  • I began Speakership training with Matt Church in October 2011, which then wet my appetite to learn more – causing me to then do his Million Dollar Experts Program the following month. I knew that this expert was the one to learn from, in the area of Speaking, Training, Mentoring etc, and consequently I have now chosen him as my mentor. What amazing leverage he has given to my practice in such a short time. I teach the mastery of fulfilment. Well, his process has certainly put this part of my life journey up on one of those wonderful peaks. Thank You Matt.

    Christina Guidotti
  • It’s been a year since I attended one of Matt’s courses and I’m reminded of the brilliance of Matt on a weekly basis – so many pearls of wisdom that assist me with my coaching and training business. Thanks Matt.

    Carol Hautot
  • Entering Matt’s world has made a dramatic positive difference to the way that I think about and conduct business. His Speakership and Million Dollar Expert Programs are phenomenal – you find yourself in a state of awed fascination and excitement from start to finish as Matt and his team of Thought Leader Mentors unveil one genius idea after another. Matt’s incredibly generous with his time and his expertise and has a fantastic vision for his Thought Leaders community. Get to one of his Programs immediately if not sooner! This is the best room to be in

    Victoria Judge
  • The value of Matt’s week of Speakership Skills is second to none – throughout the sessions he continually demonstrates the processes and principles that make him an outstanding presenter and renown speaker. The speech writing segment provides a structured approach to one of the most daunting tasks facing any speaker and makes it possible to develop their own speech within the program. Matt is exceptional, he cannot only teach he can deliver outstanding presentations himself. Investing in these programs has been one of the best personal decisions and best business decisions I have ever made. Thanks Matt.

    Rohan Squirchuk
  • Matt Church is the single most best person in the world to learn from if you want to make money selling your thoughts. He’s the real deal, and every single mentoring session and program I’ve had with the man has been tremendously powerful. He is so sharp, and is totally focussed on your commercial success. If you’ve got the clever smarts but want the commercial savvy, enrol in one of Matt’s programs today! It’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made. He is brilliant!

    Jason Fox
  • Look no more! You have finally found someone who can change peoples behaviour. My first experience with Matt was at a Real Estate conference in Alice Springs. We asked Matt to talk to a group of Very High Achievers and I was worried that they would want to be on the golf course ( yes there is one in the Alice) rather than couped up in a conference room. Not only did he hold their attention but he was the highlight of the week in a very esteemed group of speakers. Years later I still hear delegates to that conference talk of how Matt changed the way they think about themselves and how grateful they were that we hired him. If you would like your people grateful to you – give Matt a call – I promise you he will not dissappoint.

    John McTavish
  • Matt is a generous man with a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience. We first crossed paths when we were both promoting the impact of food and exercise on the brain. As a presenter Matt is always fresh, engaging and enlarging. A true thought leader.

    Neil Pierson
  • I never get tired of seeing and hearing Matt present and I don’t think there’s an audience that wouldn’t enjoy his motivational presentations. He’s a skillful presenter and has mastered the art of making sure the crowd enjoys themselves while learning and taking away important messages. As an MC, he is in a league of his own – it’s almost like having a keynote presenter for every session of the conference. At times you want to know you’re working with experts – you won’t go wrong booking Matt for your event.

    Jennifer Dalitz
  • Matt is one of the best speakers in this country – his content is excellent and the delivery an art in itself. Matt consistently draws the crowds and walks his talk in every way. I have no hesitation in recommending Matt.

    Kim McGuinness
  • Matt and his team are a pleasure to work with. They are highly organised and focussed, making it easy for suppliers like MBE to meet their expectations. More importantly, Matt is easy-going and inspiring. He’s the client that suppliers like us love to have.

    Bobby Mohan
  • Apart from being a cheeky sprite and a totally competent speaker and thought leader, Matt has these two character qualities in truck loads. Joyfulness: Creating an atmosphere around myself of gladness, delight and pleasure. Influence: Positively affecting others in my environment by my actions words or example.

    Colin Pearce

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